Education-freedom and challenge

Status: Fundraising  has proposed to engage and contribute to facilitating access to education for 45 children from Technology High School "Gheorghe Ionescu-SISESTI" Valea Călugărească


600 RON





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We are pleased to announce the start of our project "Education-freedom and challenge". We all want to be informed, to have a solid education to decide what is good for us and those close to us. But education in these times is being tested. The school has become addicted to technology.

Thousands of families with children at school are put in situations of not having anything to put on the table, let alone tablets, computers, smartphones ... that is, online school! That is why through our NGO we decided to get involved and contribute to facilitating access to education for 45 children from the Technological High School "Gheorghe Ionescu-Șisești" Valea Călugărească commune, students who will become veterinary technicians and car mechanics farm.

The high school received 9 tablets from the Ministry of Education for the implementation of Online activities. How to allocate 9 tablets to a High School with over 766 children enrolled in the education system, in the period 2020-2021?

We invite you to join us in our endeavor to raise 6,000 EUR to donate 45 tablets connected to the Internet through which they can connect to the online school, but also to other activities in which the High School is involved.

We also ask your permission to add to the list of good people in this project "Education-freedom and challenge".